It is noted that all credit goes to those who have created any music,images, articles etc. that will be posted here and that are featured in the fanzine.-----

[About our 'Zine]

Created by members of the Dirty Legs band, Maria Elena Martinez + Kristen Fisher.
Beginning with 2 best friends once living thousands of miles away..... some years ago, we were inspired by a favorite band of ours, The Horrors to start making our own fanzines to send to each other via mail throughout the years. Including everything from New/Favorite music, show reviews, interviews, personal photography and art along with many writings of stories/poems/thoughts and much more…in the end, who knows what’ll end up in these pages but then again, that’s what makes it fun.

Over time, as we have grown, so has our little Zine and after taking a break for a while, we’re back and ready to get started on sharing our new adventures and more of what we love.
Here on the site, along with images of past/present Zines along with their content, we share much, much more. So have a look and see what you find.

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